Alpha Sponsorship Consulting LLC (“Alpha”) is a boutique sponsorship consulting firm with offices in New York and Amsterdam. Alpha is a consulting company that helps public, private, and non-profit organizations raise money through strategic sponsorship agreements.

Using our industry experience we go to market for you, procuring sponsorships from our vast connections and secured book of business.

We enable strategic partnerships between you and your sponsoring company based upon what all parties can bring to the table.

We work with you to create the best go-to-market presentation for acquiring sponsorship and raising funds.

You will no longer need to pay fringe benefits or hire an in-house person for sponsorships. Our team will take care of this matter for you.

Alpha Sponsorship Consulting prospects and generates revenue through sponsorship for its represented clients, evaluating current sponsorship strategy, providing a valuation of assets and aligning new strategies to meet our client’s objectives.

Alpha Sponsorship Consulting provides;

  • Project funding
  • The forming of partnerships and alliances to increase revenue
  • Reduce operating expenses and increase brand awareness
  • Connecting clients with appropriate branding partnerships, alliances, and sponsorships.

Alpha Sponsorship Consulting has proven to;

Build upon the success of the organization’s existing customers, while accruing new accounts.

Prospect, pitch, and deliver to achieve sponsor marketplace goals.

We serve a wide array of industries including; Non-Profit Organizations, Artists, Fashion, Entertainment, Business Technology, festivals, and many more

The principals of Alpha have a combined 10 years of experience acquiring, and maintaining sponsorships across various industries. Our team has collectively acquired and developed more than 10 projects over 4 years years with a cumulative value exceeding four million dollars.